Soybeans is known as the "GOLDEN BEAN" and soyabean belong to the legume crop family and are basically native to East Asia, Its botanical name is  "Glycine max" and are the most economically important bean in the world Madhya Pradesh tops the list and the total soybean production in the state is 4.981 millions tons which is about 53% of the total production of India. Soyabean is an exceptionally nutritive and very rich protein food. Soyabean oil is one of the most popular edible of used in India. Soya also used as milk product and availabe in the form of soya chunks which is also called "meal maker " in India.
Health Benifits of Soyabean : - Some of the soyabean health benefits are mentioned below

Soyabean is low in fat with no cholesterol.
Soyabean contains essential heart friendly omega-3 fats
Soyabean provides important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and selenium.
Soyabean is an excellent source of fiber.
Soyabean is good source of enriched Calcium and Vitamin B12.
Soyabean is a complete protein food, containing all the amino acids essential to humanbody.
Soyabean contains isoflavones which are good in reducing risk of various cancers, heart disease and osteoporosis.

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